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Pooja Gupta

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Pooja Gupta

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Pooja is an artist with a focus on environmental communications, from Hyderabad, India. With a specialist interest in ecology and wildlife conservation, she uses storytelling and design thinking to develop multimedia content. Her hands-on approach to communicating conservation has taken her across the world to work on a wide spectrum of projects: from assisting on media workshops in the remote Peruvian Amazon to filming in the Maldives, and developing campaign media to protect the dugongs of the Andaman Islands. She collaborates with a range of experts across disciplines to make a positive impact in conservation. She is also the recipient of the Jackson Wild Emerging Filmmaker Summit Scholarship and 2020 Media Lab Fellow.

Pooja Gupta
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SIMPLY WILD is a series that features the myriad life forms - the most ordinary, spectacular, bizarre and weird - that inhabit our planet. It is an attempt to bring appreciation and value to the form, structure and colour of the creature by isolating it from its natural habitat. The aim is to bring focus to what might otherwise go unnoticed.

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