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Under the project titled “Management Issues of Kaziranga Tiger Reserve and applied priority research”, the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun in collaboration with the National Tiger Conservation Authority and Assam Forest Department is strengthening sustainable livelihood options in the fringes of Kaziranga. As a part of the project mandate, WII has identified potential marketing platforms so that weavers can gain more from the sale of traditional handloom products. In this context, WII has aided the liaison of ASOMI with PashooPaskhee.

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ASOMI is a social entrepreneurship initiative by the Govt of Assam to promote sustainable livelihood in rural areas. It empowers rural women through Self Help Groups (SHGs) in capacity building, credit linkage, and market support.


The brand name ‘ASOMI’ is an amalgamation of A- Atmo (self) SO- Sohayok (help), M- Mahila Gootor (women’s group), and I- Identity. ASOMI evokes the identity of the Assamese people. When buying ASOMI products, you encourage entrepreneurship among women’s SHG members and contribute to women's empowerment in rural Assam.

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The women of Kaziranga weave designs inspired by the region's rich biodiversity, and their personal experiences living near a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site.

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