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Conservation Wildlands Trust is an organization, which seeks to marry an ecocentric and anthropocentric approach, aiming to enhance the lives of communities as well as conserve forests.

Conservation Wildlands Trust was founded in 2012 as a philanthropic initiative to promote community-based wildlife conservation. We aim to bring economic opportunities to the community by changing its relationship with the forest, from that of competitor to custodian.

About Conservation Wildlands Trust

CWT concentrates its effort primarily on the central Indian landscape which is home to 40% of country’s tiger population. In order to address the issue of depletion of forests and degradation of forest corridors, they work in villages, which border the Pench Tiger Reserve and its forest corridors. CWT aims to help them sustain their way of life while also preserving the forests, helping them move from competitor to custodian of the forest. Thanks to support from the Pench Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra Forest Departments, CWT first started working with this population in 2013.



CWT has established “silai” or stitching schools in Kolitmara, Dahoda and Satosa gram panchayats in Pench, Maharashtra and MP. PashooPakshee is livelihood partner for CWT where they have trained the women from Satosa gram panchayat to make their products like soft toys, bags, buffs and keychains.

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PashooPakshee products made by communities supported by CWT

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