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Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board (MPTB) has joined forces with PashooPakshee, to create a holistic rural livelihood program that focuses on developing responsible souvenirs and merchandise portraying iconinc destinations of Madhya Pradesh. Our prime purpose is to develop products of high quality and value. The souvenirs are completely handmade with local motifs and has eco-friendly packaging.

Responsible Souvenir Programme under responsible Tourism Mission aims to promote the Art and Craft of the state. This programme will also create livelihood opportunities to the local artisans and instil a sense of pride and confidence among the local community. Responsible tourism initiatives by Madhya Pradesh will henceforth close the loop by presenting travellers a destination specific responsible souvenir to take home with them.

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Dhamna is a small village located near the Panna Tiger Reserve with a community filled with untapped potential and exuberant optimism. This small all women’s centre specialises in terracotta and paper mache crafts along with fine painting thus giving these age old crafts a new definition and relavance. Dhamna Craft Center's small group of women have been challenged with large production quantities and they have never seized to amaze us with their workmanship.

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PashooPakshee products made by communities supported by MPTB

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