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Rohan Dahotre

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Junglee Maau by Rohan Dahotre

Rohan Dahotre is a wildlife illustrator based out in Pune. He is a nature and wildlife enthusiast, a keen explorer who loves exploring the wilderness. He loves illustrating animals, birds, and all things wild, contributing to the cause of wildlife awareness, conservation, and welfare.

"Nature has always inspired me, but I always felt a certain connection towards wildlife. I feel like I belong with them. So many different species, habitats, behaviour, forms, colours, and textures. In all, there is so much to observe and learn.”

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Junglee Maau is founded by Rohan Dahotre and Yuliia Bahnuik for nature lovers and artists. Art is a great medium for communicating thoughts with society. Looking at the current wildlife and environmental situation on our planet, they thought of spreading awareness through their illustrations. So more people know of the biodiversity that exists on our planet. Their aim is to talk about wildlife problems and solutions, to show the beauty that lies in them, and to create products with wildlife illustrations. These products have valuable information and facts on wildlife, which would make us aware of our wonderful planet. Junglee Maau believes that even a few people taking small steps can make a huge difference in improving the world.

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