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Yellow Life: Set of 6 Fabric Coasters
Yellow Life: Set of 6 Fabric Coasters

This set of coasters highlights the iconic YELLOW wildlife in India. We have in print, the Leopard, the Golden Langur, the Nilgiri Martin, Indian Bull Frog, Southern Birdwing Butterfly and the Golden Oriole.


Why Fabric Coasters? Unlike plastic and MDF coasters these don't stick to the base of the glass/cup as they absorb the water accumulated due to condensation. Fabric coasters are easy to clean and can be put for a machine wash with regular laundry. Lastly, the inner padding is padded with textile waste and overall have a lesser impact on the environment.


These coasters have been stitched and packagaed by women from marginalized communities in India to earn a respectable source of income with a hope to transform their lives. Every set you purchase promises them a step toward economic independence.


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