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Shell Shocker Card Game
Shell Shocker Card Game

Shell Shocker Card Game by Turtle Survival Alliance India (TSAI)


'Shell Shocker' is an attempt to turn trove of scientific facts abouts turtles and tortoises of India into a playable game and learning tool.


The TSAI Program strives for state of the art conservation research and community outreach programs that bring turtles and other lesser known aquatic wildlife like crocodilians and fresh water dolphins and their habitats on the conservation map of the country


With 29 species of tortoises and freshwater turtles and 5 marine turtles, Indian is among the world's premier turtle diversity hotsopts. Globally Indian ranks 6th in terms of freshwater turtle diversity, while third amond all Asian countries making it one of the most important countries for turtle conservation. These shelled creatures are among the most endangered animal groups, with over 60% species in the country requiring urgent actions.

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