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Red-crowned Roofed Turtle Lapel Pin
Red-crowned Roofed Turtle Lapel Pin

Exquisite Lapel Pins based on Indian Wildlife in Brass by Turtle Survival Alliance India (TSAI)


The TSAI Program strives for state of the art conservation research and community outreach programs that bring turtles and other lesser known aquatic wildlife like crocodilians and fresh water dolphins and their habitats on the conservation map of the country


Red-crowned Roofed Turtle (Batagur kachuga) This beautiful chelonian species was once widespread across the Gangetic floodplains, but now the only population in the entire world lies within the National Chambal Sanctuary. This species's most infamous feature is the stunning crimson, cobalt blue, sunflower yellow and ivory white courtship colours temporarily developed by males during courtship.

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