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Octagram Coconut Shell Pendant
Octagram Coconut Shell Pendant

EarthCare Designs Foundation
EarthCare Designs’ is a socio-cultural, spiritual, and technologically innovative space that designs products and systems that empower individuals, communities, and the environment. These designs conserve energy resources and ensure healthy livelihoods for individuals. Along with designing prototypes, they engage in dialogue, learning, and ecological experiments in partnership with other community-based organisations. At the heart of this enterprise is the development of leadership that will guide India’s marginalised communities towards unity, justice and re-connection with the natural world.


EcoSoul Jewellery
EcoSoul is their brand for coconut shell jewellery. They continuously explore new concepts by using natural and recycled material as much as possible. They believe in making their products from start to finish, by supporting local development as well as women artisans from rural areas around Nashik. All their jewellery is hand polished, assembled and finished by these rural women. Ecosoul gives them a platform to make these products, thus increasing the level of their creativity and empowerment.

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