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Indian Sea Turtles: Set of 6 Fabric Coasters
Indian Sea Turtles: Set of 6 Fabric Coasters

Indian seas are blessed with vivid variety of marine life. In this series of coasters we have tried to depict all the sea turtles found in Indian waters. This set contains illustrations of the Green sea turtle, Leatherback turtle, Hawksbill turtle, Olive Ridley turtle, Loggerhead turtle and the migration of sea turtles.


Why Fabric Coasters? Unlike plastic and MDF coasters these don't stick to the base of the glass/cup as they absorb the water accumulated due to condensation. Fabric coasters are easy to clean and can be put for a machine wash with regular laundry. Lastly, the inner padding is padded with textile waste and overall have a lesser impact on the environment.


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