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Papier Mâché - House Sparrow
Papier Mâché - House Sparrow


Sculpted in their actual size in Papier Mâché, and hand painted in their true colours, these birds appear almost alive. With less than a handful craftsmen, these handmade birds are certainly rare and are must have collectibles for wildlife enthusiasts. These birds don’t need to valued as paper but as Green Art. Besides who doesn’t want pretty birds perching inside our homes!



These beautiful birds are handmade masterpieces by craftsman Mr. Trilok Thakur from Madhya Pradesh. Unfair pricing is one of the reasons why this craft may cease to sustain. Each bird you buy will help in keeping this craft alive. The craftsmen have created this range specially for PashooPakshee.


The Kingfisher is a part of our ‘Perching Birds’ series. Perch this beautiful bird on your shelf!

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