The Great Hornbill, Curtain Holder

The Great Hornbill, Curtain Holder


All our curtain holders are made from Khadi fabrics. We have used the inherent earthy appeal of Khadi and tried to represent Indian wildlife through its colours and textures. Each bird/animal is stuffed with natural fibre and are environment friendly and are machine washable.



Every curtain holder is handmade by underprivileged women in India to earn a respectable source of income with the hope to transform their lives. With us these women go through an intensive training to make market worthy products. Each product enhances their sewing skills and promises a step towards economic independence and a choice to be more than homemakers.

  • Wash Instructions

    • Machine wash, cold on delicate setting
    • Do not tumble dry
  • Product Variations

    We have made every effort to display the products that appear on our site as accurately as possible. However, Khadi fabric has slight changes in color and texture each time a weaver makes a lot. This is not a defect but a feature that contibutes to the uniqueness of each handmade toy.

  • Size

    Length of velcro strap: 20 inches