Paint your Munia Kit

Paint Your Munia Kit

Each kit contains a life sized papier mâché bird which is made by women from marginalised communities living near Pench Tiger Reserve. This initiative is an attempt to give these women a sustainable means of livelihood and also preserve this rare are of making Papier Mâché Birds. in collaboration with Conservation Wildlands Trust, PashooPakshee has engaged the sole surving artist, Mr. Trilok Thakur to train these women to make these beautiful birds so that this wonderful art can prevail.

  • Instructions

    • These papier mache birds are fragile, please handle with care
    • The feet of the bird are made from metal wires which are flexible. If the bird is able to stand on the feet, you can slightly bend the feet to make it stand steady on a flat surface
    • Use a soft dry cloth to clean the birds before painting
    • Aviod using too much water as the bird has been molded from paper clay and it will tend to soften with excessive water. Just add a few drops of water to the paint using the brush and mix well before painting
    • These birds are not waterproof and are not meant to be kept outdoors

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