Blue Tiger Migration Scarf

Blue Tiger Migration Scarf

This scarf depicts the migration of the dark Blue Tiger butterfly . This is one of the most charming natural phenomena in southern India. These beautiful butterflies migrate in millions from the plains of south India to the southern parts of the Western Ghats before the monsoon in October or November. They then breed in the mountains and the progeny migrate back to the plains post-monsoon in March and May. For their size they cover staggering distances of about 350-500 kms!


This shaded scarf is hand dyed and hand block printed by a one of our Women's Self Help Groups in Rajasthan and then neatly finished and packaged by another Self Help Group.

  • Details

    • Size: (L x W) 70 x 35 inches
    • Material: Voil (100% cotton)
  • Wash Instructions

    • Hand wash, cold
    • Hand dyed fabric, colour might run in first 1 or 2 washes

Mumbai, Maharashtra


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