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Elephant Lunch Bag
Elephant Lunch Bag

These Lunch bags are stitched from jute fabric  and decorated with animal shape applique on one side. 


Wildlife Research and Conservation Society (WRCS)

WRCS was established in 2005 for conserving wildlife and biodiversity based on scientific principles and scientific information. They have been working in the areas of conservation of Tiger and of private forests and corridors for large carnivores in Western ghats. They also work on study of critically endangered birds such as the forest owlet and on human elephant conflict.

After witnessing the severity of man-animal conflicts through their longterm projects at their various project sites they developed Community Initiative Programs to promote participation of local communities in conservation initiatives.  Using their focus species - elephant, tiger, owl, gaur, hornbill, as mascots and bamboo and tree craft as mediums they have developed products and trained the local women in making them. All their products are hand-stitched, using recycled and upcycled natural materials. 

The proceeds of their sales are directed towards the communities who make the products. The money earned through products sales helps these communities in offsetting their losses caused by wild animals. Encouraged by this, the local people participate in project activities and help in species conservation.

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