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Ceramic Bird Bell - Kuprakabi
Ceramic Bird Bell - Kuprakabi

Kuprkabi - Ceramic Design Studio is the brain child of Vanmala Jain, a Graduate of National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, India, with a specialization in Ceramics. Kuprakabi has been working with artisans and crafts people from different backgrounds who have varied skills, e. g. Bamboo work, terracota, cold ceramics, zari-zardozi embroidery, dari weaving etc. for several years now. These artisans/ crafts people are associated with the studio by doing job-work, in return for marketing, promoting and positioning of their products in the domestic and international markets.


By adopting these traditional crafts, the vernacular designs get incorporated into products which find place in urban lifestyles today. At the same time, this association provides a source of livelihood to the innumerable artisans who by themselves have no direct way of earning their living. Also it allows them to work from their own villages and communities without migrating to cities to sell their wares.

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