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Baiga Bracelet - LWF
Baiga Bracelet - LWF

Last Wilderness Foundation (LWF)

Wildlife conservation is a continuous endeavor for Last Wilderness Foundation.  LWF engages with urban and rural communities  as well as the Forest Department in various capacities in a bid to understand and implement effective conservation measures. In rural areas, we reach out to communities living within and around forests to understand, assess  and address various conservation-related issues/impacts that may arise out of human-wildlife interaction. LWF works towards peaceful human-wildlife interaction to negate the chances of conflict. We also support the government, (by way of the Forest Departments) in addressing and implementing conservation measures on field as well as assist them through regular workshops that are aimed at boosting their technical skills as well as their morale.



Last Wilderness Foundation in association with the Forest Department, Kanha National Park has initiated a Baiga livelihood project as an alternative source of livelihood for the Baiga community members living in the buffer zone of Kanha Tiger Reserve. The Baiga women form an integral part of this project by making the traditional jewellery worn by the members as part of their culture, and this initiative aims to not only reduce the dependency of the community members on the forests and forest products, but to also help reduce the Human – Wildlife conflict by weaning the members away from the forest related activities. The Baiga livelihood initiative also aims at helping preserve the culture of the community by using their traditional skill sets.

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