Sid, the Sloth Bear (SALE)

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All our soft toys are made from Khadi fabrics. We have used the inherent earthy appeal of Khadi and tried to represent Indian wildlife through its colours and textures. These cute and cuddly toys are not only environment friendly but are also safer for kids. Stuffed with natural fibre that has anti-allergic properties. The toys have no faux fur, no plastic fibres and are machine washable. Every toy is handmade by underprivileged women in India to earn a respectable source of income with the hope to transform their lives.


Before we bring you these beautiful products, our communities go through series of training sessions. Most of the times early productions come out with minor defects and misalignments that we choose not sell but can be overlooked. However we would like to give them partial wages for their time and effort to keep them motivated.


PLEASE NOTE: These products are same in quality but slightly compromised in finish.

This Christmas we bring you Overlook & Forgive Sale so that you can be a Santa in their lives by buying these not so perfect products. We are offering a flat 50% OFF on all such items.

  • Wash Instructions

    • Machine wash, cold on delicate setting
    • Do not tumble dry
  • Product Variations

    We have made every effort to display the products that appear on our site as accurately as possible. However, Khadi fabric has slight changes in color and texture each time a weaver makes a lot. This is not a defect but a feature that contibutes to the uniqueness of each handmade toy.

  • Sale Disclaimer

    These products are same in quality but slightly compromised in finish.


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