Nirmal Craft - Tickell's Blue Flycatcher Plant Insert

Nirmal Craft - Tickell's Blue Flycatcher Plant Insert


Nirmal art is an ancient form that involves making toys and paintings from a variety of softwood, known as ‘Poniki Chekka’ (white sander wood), traditionally practiced by the 'Naqash' artists of the 14th century. A mixture of sawdust in tamarind seed paste, called Chinta Lappam, is used as a base to smoothen and bring shape to the toy, and also to glue on its various parts. Once dry, these get a final coat of brilliant paint, also typical of the Nirmal Paintings.



PashooPakshee in collaboration with the artisans from Nirmal village have created this range of Indian Bird Figurines. These are not just showpieces but representatives of the beautiful Indian crafts that are inspired by the rich and diverse wildlife of India. 

  • Care Instructions

    • Handle with care
    • Clean using a dry soft cloth or a soft brush
  • Size

    4 x 4 inches