Gharial, Will we see you later?

Size (Adult Unisex)
Colour: Olive Green

This is to do our bit to popularize the Critically Endangered Gharial. The Gharial gets its name from the Hindi word "Ghara" meaning Mud pot due to the bulbous growth on the tip of the male's snout. The gharial is one of the longest of all living crocodilians. Use of fishing nets, too many dams, irrigation canals on the rivers is leading to reduction in population. Go spot the Gharial at Chambal or Ken or Sone Gharial Sanctuaries in Madhya Pradesh. Lets support and care or atleast be aware!

  • Care Instructions

    • Wash dark colours separately
  • Product Details

    • Material: 100% combed compacted cotton
    • Style: Crew Neck Unisex
  • Size (inches)

    Size Chest Length
    S 38 26
    M 40 27
    L 42 28
    XL 44 29
    XXL 46 30


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